Charles Seligman Art

A visit to the home of artist Charles Seligman is like waking into a field of creative energy. Covering the walls of the artist's elegant but comfortable country home are abstract
works form many stages of his career. Clamoring for attention are small paper and mixed media paintings right along side large powerful canvasses. All have intensity and texture in common. Underlying themes of spirituality are easy to spot. The straightforward, personable artist easily admits at times he is led by his "gift," rather than him making conscious "Painterly" decisions. In fact, when questioned, Charles is hard-pressed to describe his own work in terms of established art classifications - some have a soft impressionistic feel, while others have strong geometric lines. "Things just happen when I get in front of a canvas; all my feelings and emotions come out, I sometimes lose all track of time and the next day find this magnificent painting in my studio,". Quite often, Charles has as many as 15 paintings "going all at once" and he will experiment with different techniques, always looking for new ways to use color and texture to catch the light. For Charles Seligman, the process of creation is a way of life, the joy is in discovering the unexpected. It produces energy, emotion and - in essence - Feeds the soul.